Best Family Advocates Lawyers in Bangalore

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The Advocates at George & Co. Family Advocates in Bangalore have a comprehensive understanding and background in all aspects of family and matrimonial law including trial litigation, mediation, custody and Guardian, Divorce and Post-Divorce issues, and all other Domestic Law concerns.
In cases where family members have been separated due to incarceration, substance abuse, or other reasons, family advocates may work to facilitate reunification and provide support during the reintegration process.

Hire Senior Family advocate in Bangalore, family lawyers in Bangalore at affordable Cost. Family Advocates in Bangalore have pleasure in informing you of our continuing free Matrimonial clinic which will take place at our office fortnightly, on Second and Fourth Sunday morning 11 AM to 1 AM with prior appointment.

We Fight for your right, without a win we don’t make any money

Contact us : 9448491093

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